The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar: Main Characters

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Julius Caesar, a play written by poet, had several characters who might have been questioned in terms of their motives and can. Some might have had sensible intentions, however others weren’t actuated by their concern for the well-being of the Romans. The aim of this paper is to require a glance at why the most individuals during this tragedy did what they did.

Julius Caesar, the middle of the massive ordeal, is that the 1st logical person to require a glance at. once he 1st arrives, he’s hailed as an excellent man and offered the crown varied times, refusing it every time. he’s clearly the hero of the individuals for that point. The question of his valiance comes once his previous actions are looked upon. He has simply came from killing Pompey and Pompey’s sons. He did this to achieve complete management of Rome rather than protruding with the triad that had presently dominated. He was bold, just about it had been same, and he wished solely power. This alone shows that his motives weren’t as pure as was 1st thought.

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The next person to be looked upon in Anthony, apparently Julius Caesar’s man Friday. He plays the a part of the hero as he takes Caesar’s facet when death and rallies the individuals against the conspirators. As he speaks to Octavius, though, he shows that he’s primarily when the ability conjointly in spoken language that the person of their new triad, Lepidus, isn’t a worthy resister and is simply adequate to hold messages. general goes on to mention that they must have him (Lepidus) killed, at the side of all the opposite individuals they were creating a listing of. He was progressing to have them eliminated simply because they may substitute their thanks to gaining complete power. He conjointly ordered to own patterned the simplest way to chop a number of the cash out of the desire to the individuals and keep it for himself. His intentions weren’t thus smart finally.

Cassius, the apparent conceiver of the conspiracy within the 1st place, is initially exhausting to work out if he would act in smart can or in greed for power. On one hand, he starts out by spoken language he doesn’t wish Caesar to own the ability as a result of it’d prove just like the kings of past. He even convinces all of the opposite conspirators, as well as the noble national leader, of this ominous threat. when a moment, the audience is shown and diode to believe his true drive. This drive seems to be pure jealousy of Caesar’s quality and ensuing power. He wished it for himself.

Finally, the question of the noble national leader is at hand. From the beginning, he’s somewhat depicted to be respectable in standing and character. He same he feared Caesar acceptive the crown he said, though he had not a notion of killing the person at the time. He was manipulated into doing it by Gaius Cassius Longinus and therefore the 2 pretend letters that Cassius sent to him within the name of the voters of Rome. once he kills solon by stabbing him whilst he looked him within the eye, he believes that he and therefore the others do it just for the nice of the country of Rome. Later it’s shown that almost all of them were in it for the ability, though. however the very fact remains, national leader had done it in smart can and even same thus as he explained his motives to the gang of voters. Finally, once it seems that every one is lost in battle and he finds his partner Gaius Cassius Longinus dead, he conjointly runs upon his brand. Over his natural object, even the evil Anthony declares him to be ‘the noblest Roman of them all’.

Of all of the individuals concerned in William Shakespeare’s tragedy solon, just one of them had smart and pure intentions behind his actions. national leader did what he did within the name of the Roman individuals, in concern that it would become another despotism like within the past with the kings. For this reason, national leader is truly the sole true tragic hero depicted during this play. 


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