Essays on The Waste Land

Images Of Death In The Waste Land

The Wasteland by T. S Eliot is a significant work of English poetry, published in 1922. The poem is regarded as the epic of the modern age. It’s a long ballad consist of four hundred forty lines in 5 parts. The poem depicts modern crisis and situation after first world war. There is hardly any...
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Critique Of The Society In The Waste Land

In The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot strongly criticizes western culture after World War 1 as superficial, disordered, and immoral. He longs for a return to a time when people lost themselves in the study of language and classic literature instead of slaughtering each other by the millions. Through his skillful use of a disconnected, disorganized...
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The Waste Land War Relationships

Eliot’s The Waste Land is not a typical war poem. It does not offer the same simplicity and accessibility of wartime poets, and it does not necessarily offer the same view of themes and virtues of war poems, such as faith, duty, patriotism, and civilisation. However, Eliot does deal with the after effects of war,...
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Food Waste Management

Background Of The Study The food wasted across all developing countries is about 1.3 billion tones food is wasted globally each year, one third of all food produced for human consumption. This is staggering given that food waste creates serious constraints on essential factors of production such as energy and capital along with continuing stress...
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