Three Day Road: Short Summary Of Events

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“Three Day Road” is basically an indigenous story which introduces two companions, Xavier Fowl and Elijah Weesegeechak. They are both Cree aboriginals from Northern Ontario and are two exceptionally gifted seekers. They were extremely skilled in hunting. Xavier was raised by his close relative Niska, who instructed him how to outlive out in the bushes. Elijah went through his early long time in a school run by the nuns where he was implied to be absorbed into white Canadian society. Xavier and Niska liberated Elijah from the school and the two boys rapidly ended up becoming best friends. Since those friends liked adventure and fun so they quenched their thirst to join the Canadian Army and also fighting in the World War 1. Both of them were so different in personality when they grew up. Like, Xavier was a quiet and very much of a conservative person who strongly believes in maintaining his identity. On the other hand, Elijah was more of an outgoing person and talkative person and he quickly identifies and adapts himself to the Canadian lifestyle, but he started to lose his identity. Moreover, Xavier strongly disagrees with war whereas Elijah enjoys war. Xavier and Elijah who were best friends started to separate off because of the change in their personalities.

At the beginning of the story, Niska, Xavier’s aunt arrives to the train station to pick up Elijah after the war because she got a letter from him to pick him up from the station. It was said that only Elijah is coming but Niska got surprised at the station when she saw Xavier hopping out of the train and the most surprising thing was the that he had a missing leg which made Niska more surprised. Niska takes back Xavier to their home on her canoe. Xavier used morphine to get rid of the physical pain of his missing leg but he couldn’t during the three day trip. During the war they had great competition. Both the friends were great at shooting especially the sniper. Xavier was recalling these events when they were paddling towards their home. When three days pass by and when they are close to their home Xavier frightened that he will die. It was very emotional. And bought to the conclusion of the novel when he experiences about the war.

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