Essays on Thurgood Marshall

Dr. Charles Hamilton Houston And Thurgood Marshall

Dr. Charles Hamilton Houston’s success mainly came from his father, an attorney. His father was a major inspiration in his life, which led to him to his profession as a racial activist in Court. Dr. Charles Hamilton Houston was a black lawyer who breached numerous barriers throughout the U.S. courts, he took on civil rights,...
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Civil Rights Leader: Thurgood Marshall

I opened my eyes to the grey light that covered the entire sky, so incessant it seemed as if it had been painted. The air was brisk, it nipped at my skin like tiny push pins of ice. To my left there were signs that read a mixture of “whites only” and “colored” with arrows...
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Thurgood Marshall And Segregation

Segregation is something that is taken very lightly. People with color were segregated from white people. It was a very rough time for people with color. In this research paper I will be talking about the diverse we have become in schools today. Schools were segregated and made it very hard for students of color...
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