Time Management In Students' Life

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Every student study for their upcoming exam or for their understanding to be able to answer questions for their homework or to do an assignment. Students plan and organize timing schedules by setting up their objectives to achieve effectively. This is called time management. It is important because it can develop a student’s skills who focus on specific tasks and avoid wasting time. Without managing time, students who prioritize more on recreational activities than studying can easily feel stress because of the large number of tasks needed to accomplish (AppointmentPlus, 2015).

Managing time allows us to focus on specific tasks, it can also decrease the time in decision making because students are mentally prepared in advance which can reduce delays (Ritchie, 2019). Students often disorganized lecture notes and frequently misplace things that can use ways such as putting color code on notes, file notes chapter by chapter and place a calendar on a clear study desk (iamnext.com, n.d.). More issues such as excessive responsibility and distractions in our daily life have led us to push away the focus of research. Most of the time we think that we can accomplish complicated tasks without giving ourselves a break. “According to a study conducted by Draugiem Group, our brains simply weren’t built to focus for eight-full hours” (Mrsic, 2017). This means that the human brain cannot handle eight hours of work without taking breaks. This will cause straining leading to high blood pressure and could increase the risk of stroke. Students should set some time to have a break in the middle of studying.

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Tools that help with time management are using a planner where it contains the schedules, goals to achieve and social time. A planner can keep our focus on the smaller tasks first rather than large ones by breaking it (Mackay, 2019). Deadline is an important information that every student should be aware of it. Students can set themselves a deadline on a planner a few days earlier than the original deadline to avoid procrastinating. Student often procrastinates which brings negative impacting productivity and delayed in time. Students believe that doing in a multitasking way can reduce time-consuming and complete tasks faster, but this will reduce students’ concentration and attention, which will lead to confusion (Kukreja, 2020).

The SMART techniques can also manage student responsibilities effectively. Specific which means we should be clear and precise so that we will more understand what are we targeting. Measurable are measuring our progress whenever we have reached our goal or how much have I gained in the learning process. Achievable give us to think positively and give us the feeling to accept challenges. Realistic gives us the ability and willingness to work towards. Timely gives us a sense of direction when the deadline is and when to start and finish the tasks (CFI, n.d.). In my conclusion, managing time gives me the correct sense of direction and balance between my study life and social life. Thus, I can motivate my mind to achieve my targets.


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