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“Time management has helped people organize their professional lives” (AEON, Nov2017).

As per (AEON, Nov2017) for more than 100 years, people use time management to manage their professional life. Old literature shows us how time management leads to crucial findings like being well in person as well as in professional life. The Roman philosopher Seneca (50/2014, p. 118) told us that people trifle with time, because time is “an immaterial thing that doesn’t appear to the eyes, and for that reason, it’s valued very cheaply.” We all use time but if we use time in a managed way then this will surely change our life. Now I am going to describe different techniques to manage our time wisely.

Time management techniques: –

Estimate work carefully: There are a number of ways by which we can manage our time. According to (Farrell, Feb/Mar2017) it is important to understand the process first then we should start anything. The second step is to estimate and set a time limit for all tasks that are required to do a job. You must have all components and sources that are necessary to accomplish a task at the beginning of work because it will not waste your time throughout the process. There are main three steps to estimate work more efficiently.

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  1. Read manuals and ask experts: In order to start any task, we must read about that particular thing. To get a more accurate approach we must consult with experts that are already doing that work from the past. For example (Coleman, Spring83) tells us that “time management is a growing concern of small businesses. Approximately fifty entrepreneurs who recently attended a time-management seminar given by business experts for small wholesalers (businesses doing under $3 million a year and varying in size from five employees to thirty) expressed the need to learn how to manage their time more effectively in order to achieve their goals in less time interval.”
  2. Make a theoretical model: when we finished all the reading and training from mentors about are job then we have to write our steps on paper and act accordingly. “Fernando (Fernando, Aug2001) confirm that when we have a proper plan of any work or job then it is easy to proceed more rapidly towards our goals. It also results in a deduction of distractions because when we know our right path then we easily avoid useless things
  3. Set a deadline for yourself: Deadlines are a very useful component in time management because Zorc mentioned that (Zorc, 2017) in order to finish some things there should be a deadline because deadlines create a slight pressure on our mind and help us save our time.

Approach things ahead: “You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it”


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