Essays on Tobacco

Tobacco: The Issue Of Smoking In University

Tobacco is a plant originated from America which has spread around the world that almost killed more than 8 million people a year. Tobacco leaves contain high nicotine levels that will cause addiction to people. It can be made for cigarettes, gums or sniff tobacco which will slowly affect human brain, lead to lung cancer,...
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Tobacco: Danger And Consequences

A drug is a substance that has effects on the functioning of the body. There are three sorts of drugs which have big impact on health: Tobacco, Caffeine and Illicit Drugs. Some people assume that Tobacco, Caffeine and Illicit Drugs should be limited because they can cause serious health problems. It is true that these...
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Why Tobacco Causes Lung Cancer

When you hear the word tobacco many things will often come to mind. For me personally, I think about 2 things in general, the first being smoking and my aunt smoking. The reason this reminds of my aunt is because she had a stroke from smoking and it really affected everyone in my family on...
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Young Tobacco Users

I believe that teens using tobacco is not good and it is severing to their life. If they start using tobacco young and if that becomes a habit it can affect their whole life. About 28 percent of high school student use cigarette. Once they start using tobacco it could be difficult to stop. They...
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