Essays on Tornado

Tornadoes As The Most Iconic Symbols Of Nature

Tornadoes are one of the better recognizable natural hazards. They can be both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. They can be extremely weak or very powerful and can be identified and ranked as anywhere from an EF0-EF5. They occur mostly in an area of the United States called tornado alley and Dixie alley....
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General Overview Of Tornadoes In The USA

Tornadoes are unpredictable and menacing, though they often bring communities together as well. But what exactly are tornadoes? Tornadoes are perpendicular channels of expeditiously gyrating air. Often, accompanied by heavy rainfall, hail and a tenebrous, slightly viridescent sky. The most callous, destructive and vicious tornadoes come from supercells, a system that produces parlous thunderstorms and...
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Tornado: Use Of The Fujita Scale

Abstract: When assessing any natural disaster, it is very common for scientists to develop uniform processes for identifying, classifying and studying these events. This uniformity in assessing a disaster is both beneficial and necessary so that as the history of these events are studied, we are able to more accurately evaluate past events and compare...
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