Essays on Tourism Industry

Characteristics Of Tourism Industry In Bangladesh

People have been traveling from country to country since distant times. Nation has crossed the seven seas thirteen rivers in order to see the world. People have reached the unknown country by sea. The tourism industry in Bangladesh has risen from the desire of people to travel to the world. With the development of civilization,...
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Sales Prediction In Tourism Industry

Abstract— The present forceful circumstance for Indian travel and the tourism industry is the need to raise their market and keep control their organizations to utilize data mining devices and methods to create, advertise the travel industry items and administrations. Despite the fact that there are many anticipating models for deciding deals in the tourism...
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History And Importance Of Tourism And Hospitality Industry

Introduction Nowadays, the hospitality and tourism industry become one of the largest service industries in the world. This is because it contributes more than 10% in global economic output along with one of ten job. Hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, lounges, coffee shops, bistros, fast food outlets are included in hospitality industry. The tourism industry composes of...

Tourism Industry In Maharashtra: An Untapped Area Of India

Abstract: The soil of India has been always lucky to have witnessed and helped several cultures to develop and cherish. India has been a cradle for various civilizations to mature and develop in various ways. It is a true sense of “Unity in Diversity”. The Indian culture teaches its followers to worship tourist as god...
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Health Tourism : An Emerging Industry In India

Introduction Health tourism or medical tourism relates to travel associated with medical treatment, rejuvenation and undergoing wellness therapies. Although, the term is used largely in the context of cross-border travel, it could also be used to signify domestic travel especially where cities/towns have emerged as healthcare hubs. Many are uncomfortable with the use of the...
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