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Assignment Of Legal Aspects Of Business On Intellectual Property Rights

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Amity University; this report would not have been accomplished without their guidance. My sincerest gratitude goes to Ms. Jyoti Bharat Rangari, and who guided me with their dedicated attention, expertise and knowledge throughout the process of this report. I thank her for valuable guidance, her commitment,...
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The Doctrine Of Exhaustion Of Trade Marks In Cambodia

The exhaustion of trademark means that the trademark owner’s intellectual property rights can’t control the distribution or resale of goods (WebFinance Inc, 2018). Cambodia is also a country which export and import many categories of products. The product that we have export are such as rice, beans, corns, clothes, and shoes. The product that we...
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Assess Liabilities: Trademark

Research Paper Outline The entertainment industry is a group of sub-industries that strives to ‘entertain’ the consumers, which includes the fields of film, theater, dance, opera, music, television, radio, publishing, and fine arts. Therefore, because this industry embodies both business and economical scrutiny, it is apparent that all areas of law is involved including: trade...
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