Essays on Traffic

Design Of Traffic Flow Management System Using Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract— In this paper, a Traffic flow management system using a wireless sensor network is designed for efficiently using the traffic lights. Vehicular traffic is continuously increasing around the world especially in urban areas. In order to resolve we present an adaptive traffic flow management system using a wireless sensor network (WSN). Existing methods for...
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Traffic Prediction: Use Of Optimization Techniques

1.0 Introduction The goal of this report is to provide traffic prediction techniques and recommendations based on research. To forecast and estimate future traffic flow (Cargo and passenger) over a short term and long term period. Initially, to produce traffic forecast of passenger and freight is total “demand driven”. The ultimate goal is to balance...
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Traffic Control: Use Of Virtual Traffic Light

Some Surveys has been presented in the field of Traffic control. For instance, in [1] Ferreira and d’Orey where In particular they considered intelligent transportation systems (ITS) as an optimal solution to solve the environmental problems caused due to traffic congestion. Mainly the effect of carbon dioxide emission of virtual traffic light (VTL) was evaluated...
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