Essays on Tragedy

Shakespeare’s Comedy And Tragedy Then And Now

Literary scholars revere Shakespeare for his massive contribution to the sphere of literature. Out of many of his compositions, comical and tragic tales stand out for sensitizing audiences on diverse themes. Although scholars are uncertain about the exact date of the compositions, the intellects infer to the stories in contemporary studies. Moreover, comical plays can...

The Crucible As A Tragedy

The crucible is a representative of tragic works. This is a novel written by Arthur Miller, which uses real language to describe the tragic encounters and desire of people to live in a situation where Puritans are full of society. According to an online article: Tragedy in Arthur Miller ’s The Crucible, I figured out...
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Romeo And Juliet As An Aristotelian Tragedy

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most known plays written by William Shakespeare. Everyone with more than a passing knowledge of English literature knows that it is a tragedy, but not everyone is aware of just how true this assessment is. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy in more than just name, as it...
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