Essays on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis: Bacteria That Cause It, Symptoms

We are surrounded by a lot of bacteria in the world that could potentially enter our bodies and create harm or good for the immune system. Although our bodies are balanced with good and bad bacteria, Tuberculosis is not a bacteria that you would want in your body. A person who has Tuberculosis can be...
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Overview Of Tuberculosis As A Disease Of Travelers

Traveling has become a common activity for many and today people are no longer destined to stay on only one continent. Further, the ease and affordability of travelling has made it easy to spread diseases as opposed to the past. Tuberculosis is one of the diseases whose spread is highly fuelled by travelling. Description of...
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Analysis Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

 Mycobacterium Tuberculosis just one of many forms of Tuberculosis, that spread through “aerosols containing tubercle bacilli” (Ozimek, 2003), in air molecules. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, like it’s family, a very infectious disease, that infects a person’s respiratory system (lungs). disease gets spread from a contagious, disease carrying individual, to a non-infected individual. Because of way it spreads,...
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Tuberculosis In The Philippines

The Philippines is a third-world country and presently developing. The population of the country, according to the World Bank (2018) data reported 106.65 million, with a population increased annually by 1.4% in 2018. Therefore, the increase in human population set the pressure on the country’s sustainability concerning agricultural, food, water, health and social services. Nevertheless,...
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