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Stereotypes In Family Guy

Do you think Asians are bad drivers? Well, Asians have been classified into a stereotype of bad driving, this stereotype is shown through a variety of cultural artefacts like; videos, images, and research papers. For decades now Asians have been put into this stereotype, no one knows where it exactly came from but it’s still...
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Game Of Thrones Versus Vikings: Comparative Analysis

Ever since Vikings made the scene in 2013, inescapably equating to Game of Thrones have accompanied. Despite the Thrones is obviously not historical to physical life, both series are set in time from the past and conflicts for power are primary to their stories. Some might be liking Game of Thrones more, or some might...
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Reflection On The Merchants of Cool: Opinion Essay

After viewing The Merchant of Cool, my knowledge on this matter had been renewed, and I was once again reminded of the despicable measures and actions corporations are willing to take so they can gain control. However, in a close examination of their tactics, I cannot say I am surprised. With the way society functions,...

Concept Of Discrimination In A Class Divided: Film Analysis

The 1985 PBS Frontline documentary, ‘A Class Divided’ is an exemplary piece of film making that captures almost perfectly, the way in which discrimination is created, spread and enforced amongst members in a society. From the film, we can draw conclusions as to why discrimination occurs and how it is carried on over across generations...
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Impact Of South Park: Opinion Essay

A majority of recent news in the entertainment industry has been following the wide variety of streaming services battling to obtain rights to popular television shows. In just the last few months NBCUniversal won the rights to “The Office” in a battle that came down to them and Netflix, in which they won with a...
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Game Of Thrones: Character Analysis Of Ned Stark

Introduction For my assessment task, I chose to assess one of Ned Starks many moral dilemmas. As pretty much all of his decisions have something to do with morals, I thought he would be an interesting character to choose. The moral dilemma I’m assessing is Ned Stark’s decision to defend and not kill Daenerys Targaryen....

Reflection On Breaking Bad: Opinion Essay

Today I want to share my thoughts about an episode from the series Breaking Bad. This episode has been the focal point for criticism in an otherwise widespread critically acclaimed show. Ever since its air date back in May of 2010. Season 3’s episode 10 ‘Fly’, is a heavily debated part of the series amongst...
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