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Communication and teamwork are very important in society in general. On a Daily, we use either one of these skills through our speech or group work. Communication comes in different folds and ways to describe it, as well as, teamwork. Both skills work hand in hand, to have effective teamwork you need good communication between others or co-workers and vice versa. I Would break down communication and teamwork into different segments, verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written.

Verbal communication is used by us all daily, this is through our voice or writing. We used our voice for a variety of things singing, speaking, encouraging, and many more. The fact of the matter is the importance of being able to hear someone through their communication and processing it in your mind then giving a reply. Communication is a two-way thing, so, to have effective communication, the other party must respond or at least show that they are listening. I would further split verbal communication into two sections written and oral

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Written communication is when you exchange information or even text messages which is all in a written text. Today, this form of communication is increasing and growing drastically through social media. Apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other apps that help in communication and building teamwork. This comes very handy when you are on the other side of the world and your family isn’t so close, you can send them a text message to see how they are feeling and doing at that time per se. Furthermore, emails are also a very effective way to communicate to either share information or important documents. Posters and flyers give information about an event going on or even directions to a specific place given. School textbooks also give knowledge about different topics and schoolwork tasks that need to be completed and submitted. Exams given, is also to test how much knowledge you have retained and could write back if asked on the exam paper.

Oral communication is when a word is spoken out by its voice or sound, using different ways in which is the spoken word is being presented. This could be done by face-to-face interaction, conversing with each other. With face-to-face conversation, you get to feel the person’s energy and emotions as they speak through their body language. Another popular means of communication is through voice notes, skype calls, or phone calls. With this type of communication, you don’t get to see the person physically, but you can see them through a video or hearing their voice. This is used mostly when a person you want to communicate with isn’t so close to you and you would like to catch up with them to talk.

Non-verbal, this type of communication is done without sounds or words are even being uttered. This form of communication requires a lot of paying attention and coming up with your own interpretation of what they may mean to say without them saying it. It could be done through gestures, body language, eyes, and emotions. I would break it down into different segments

Physical recognition Non-verbal could be through hand gestures, emotions, body language posture, tone of voice, and the eyes. During our day we use this form of communication one way or the other. We use our hands to usually give a clear sense of understanding or direction. This form of communication is used by deaf people, by using sign language to convey their message. Nodding is also when popular when we either agree or disagree with a certain statement someone made. People’s emotions say a lot about them, Once you see someone crying mostly is because they either lost someone dear to their hearts or going through a lot of pain. Even though, sometimes to cry could be a sign of happiness popularly known as “Tears of Joy.” As I learned in my organizational behavior class our body language or posture says a lot about us. For example, to detect if a person is telling a lie, they usually look left subconsciously without even knowing it. Furthermore, the tone of voice of someone says a lot about the person, when their tone is relatively low it may mean they are either tired or upset about something. When this bright and loud it could be out of excitement or in some cases raging anger towards something. As popular quotes go “the eyes don’t lie” this is also a way of communicating. This form is mainly, when you see a beautiful girl you are sexually attracted to, the brain sends signals to the eyes stimulating to dilate out of excitement.

Paralanguage, a form of communication is done by reading through the line. As the main message isn’t being conveyed and requires you to join the dots by yourself to get the bigger picture. Through someone’s style of spoken word, or the way particular words are stressed or the intonation of something. People usually use this form of communication to keep you guessing. Mainly used in relationships when your partner, wants you to find what you did without even telling you the source they are doing so.

Visual / aesthetics this is through seeing such as artworks as the popular saying goes, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” Pablo Picasso a famous artist popularly known for the messages that he conveys through his artwork and painting. Mainly the symbolism behind a piece of art presented. Just like a poem, everyone had a way to find their own meaning to that specific piece, as what I may see vividly someone else may not, so the contrast of openness and freedom to express what you see is the beauty of it. It goes as far as feeling and emotion seeing a piece of art through its visual representation of colors used, how abstracts it is, and even the structure which it is in. Presentations presented in schools also communicate as you just look at it and find meaning to it yourself. Animations and cartoons also communicate through visual pictures and other features which entail it.

Appearance, your appearance introduces you without even speaking. it’s human nature to make judgments on the get-go of seeing someone for the first time. Many things go through their head if the person is a reliable person or not, if they may cause danger to you, and all the other factors that come to play with appearance. Appearance is the first source of communication once no word is even uttered, it’s very important to have a good first impression if meeting a new person or even having a job interview.

To conclude, communication and team are very important in our everyday life and are done in various ways to be effective. There is not just one way in which you should communicate and teamwork is done in many ways. Also, the right communication style should be used so that translation won’t be lost.    


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