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Basically drama is defined as the play of television, theatre and radio and drama has lots of types and it also built the confidence drama industry are increasing day by day and people really like to see dramas different people have different choice some like to see comedy-drama some like to see emotional drama some like filmy drama and someone like to see horror dramas.

So now every people see drama mostly young girls like romantic drama in which filmy story are included and some girls like a comedy it also depends on the mood of the person. The drama production house in Islamabad makes lots of good drama and people like to watch it. Dynamic has created their plat foam of drama making and for this, they make their drama and everyone likes it.

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Dynamics provide us a great production house in Islamabad. There is a lot of person working with them and they also give opportunity to those who have ability of producing drama and those who have different kinds of ideas about marketing. With the services of dynamic people show trust to work with them and they also like their production houses in Islamabad as well as in all over the Pakistan. Their services are very efficient so some people came from abroad to work with them. Due to their behavior as well as their services.

· Types Of Drama

  1. Emotional Drama
  2. Comedy Drama
  3. Strategy Drama
  4. Stage Shows

· Emotional Drama

In emotional drama, there is an emotional story and sad story so the people like to see it and in that kind of drama, people cry. There is sadness in everywhere.

· Comedy Drama

Comedy-drama includes the funny mode drama in which there are lots of fun and comedy and people like to see it. And the main thing about comedy-drama is every age people like to see this kind of drama and there is also too much interested.

· Tragedy Drama

Tragedy drama includes the different situations of different family issues and the girls want to see it in this drama the life of a girl is also discussing some time he will become happy and sometimes he will become sad.

· Stage Show

The stage show is also a kind of funny drama in which drama and funny scenes are included mostly the big age people like to see this kind of drama.

· Advantages Of Drama

  1. develop knowledge
  2. better communication skill
  3. build confidence
  4. encourage children
  5. knowledge about the fashion
  6. give lesson

· Develop Knowledge

Drama builds as knowledge and for this, we should know about the world that is going and this increases our knowledge and we know about the latest trend.

· Build Confidence

Drama built as confidence in the people because drama is cast on the front of many people so the confidence level of the person will increase and it is very beneficial for those people who work in drama and also get education so for this they increase their confidence and it is also good for all person because if they have confidence they are able to talk with people and they also face many problems.

· Encourage Children

Th7e drama will encourage the children and get knowledge about the world so with the help of drama the mind of the children is open some dramas are good for the children some are not. So the children need to see those dramas in which they get knowledge get confidence and they can make their communication skills better.

· Knowledge About The Fashion

The drama also provides knowledge about the outcoming trend in the world top fashion so for this we should know about fashion. Girls and boys also get knowledge about this and they also know about the fashion of both girls and boys.

· Give Lesson

The drama also gives us a lesson and we also know about people that which people are good and which are not and which is our well-wisher and which is not and we see the two faces type of people and also flattering people which are very bad.


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