Types of Love in the Society: Analytical Essay

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The love that lies between family is a natural flow of affection without physical or sexual appeal. This type of love is called a storge love in the Ancient Greek language. It’s the belief that love within the family is a natural, instinctive, and familiar feeling that lasts a lifetime. On the contrary, people say that as children age, they tend to grow out of love and begin to despise their parents. In actuality, you can’t hate your parents. The sense of familiarity overthrows the feeling of resentment. The connection between a parent and child is first developed when they’re a tiny fetus in their mother’s womb. This is similar to love at first sight. Without knowing anything about the offspring, it’s an instinct for parents to nurture and care for their children. That instinctive feeling can hold onto a family bond and go up against any hardships that come their way.

I will always remember the day I woke up at 1:42 am on a school night to the sounds of tables flipping, racks thrown, and chairs all across the living room. As I heard my dad’s loud screeching disappear slowly outside to the back porch, I took the chance to investigate what happened downstairs only to find my mother in the midst of it all. I hurried over to help my mom clean as much as possible in fear that my dad would enter. It wasn’t something that happened once in a lifetime. Those actions. Those words. I remember so vividly. After that incident, I abhorred my father for the remaining of my childhood. Then I came to this realization that I didn’t hate him even though he caused the family and me great pain. It was more like disapproving of his actions rather than him himself. The plentiful little deeds he committed such as protecting me from a horrifying looking dog overshadowed all of his most fearful actions. The relationship among family is like a thread that can’t be broken. Despite being under the “family” title, you can’t help but grow an affection for them. There’s always going to be a strand that ties you back to your family members, and that is the familiarity between a parent and child.

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The love between friends is the mutual allegiance, sacrificial, and understanding of affections. In relation to the Ancient Greeks, this affection is referred to as a platonic love ― love without sexual intimacy or as Aristotle would say, “dispassionate virtuous love”. In other words, philia love. Taking a visual presentation of a warzone into perspective, your fellow soldiers, quadrants, or peers are your only companion. Once you enter the battlefield, you’d lend the entirety of your loyalty and dependability to your comrades. As hardship increases, the trust for your companion deepens. Being isolated in a deserted land with no telling how your future would play out, the only person to share your darkest secrets and emotions is standing right next to you in a dull green uniform. The emotional feeling of brotherhood developed between two not intimate individuals is love amid friends.

Love of a passionate, sexual, romantic feeling is the love between significant others. Whether it’s a man-women, a women-women, or a man-man relationship, the characteristics that differentiate the love of significant others from the love of family and friends are the intimate level between two individuals. In terms of the Ancient Greeks, eros, named after the Greek god of love and sex, is the representation of passion, erotic and desire. In the film, “Call Me by Your Name”, Oliver and Elio were able to discover the intense desire and intimacy they didn’t believe could blossom between them. The first physical interaction after long days of secret glances and eagerness for one another’s company officially commence when they both ventured out into the rural. Going on bike rides together, they eventually stopped upon a hill, laid side-by-side on the grassy terrain, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery together. As they slowly got closer, Elio leans in for a kiss. Oliver, just as passionate, grabs Elio closer and kisses back. The intense burning sensation between the two signifies the longing and desire of romantic feelings in which they so crave for each other. The love between significant others is more than just sexual pleasure. It’s the whimsical, utopian emotions one has for another.

Self-love is the reassurance and acceptance of one’s self. This is the most important type of love. In Ancient Greek, self-love is referred to as philuatia, a narcissistic personality that’s too selfish and stuck on themselves. I believe that self-love isn’t primarily directed towards self-centered people. This self love is more for self-effacing individuals with low self-esteem. You can’t truly understand the meaning and emotions derived from the word “love” if you aren’t capable of sincerely loving yourself. Back in the 2018-2019 year, I was able to distinguish myself and accept all of my most horrible to my sweetest traits. I often feared being looked down on because of my physical appearance and the inability to fit in with society. I recall those days when I sat at the lunch table isolated from my friends in the hope that they won’t discover my intentions of secretly skipping meals just to lose a couple of pounds. Or when I would go home and the first thing I do is check my measurements. Whether it’s my weight or the width of my waist, if I gained just a bit of fat, I’d starve myself for the rest of that day. That wasn’t the end of my insecurities and low self-esteem. I was so obsessed with the way people viewed me to the point where I’d apply makeup every morning in an attempt to make myself less unattractive. Eyebrows, lipstick, mascara, anything you could name. My perspective changed when I became tired. Tired of people. Tired of life. Tired of everything. I didn’t want to be a victim of society’s harsh beauty standards. I wanted my life back. I came to fully understand that I am who I am and nothing could ever change that. I should love myself because even if don’t matter to some people, my existence is precious to others. This love, the acknowledgment, and fondness for our true identity is the love of self.

The love of familiarity among family, brother/sisterhood between friends, sexual intimacy with a significant other, and the acceptance with our individuality are all different types of love. Although all four types of human relationships differ in their various terms of love, the type of love they can’t ever dissociate with is unconditional love. We love without limitations. Any love follows the “and yet” saying. “You can be extremely annoying, and yet I still love you.” perfectly demonstrates that despite their lacking characteristics and flaws, there’s always a place in your heart for the person you truly care for.


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