Essays on Typography

Minimalism In Typography And Graphic Design

In the 1960s, New York in the United States emerged as the centre of the international art scene, overtaking the devastated European market after World War II. It began to present works with the characteristics of simple, geometric form but without artistic content. Minimalist such as Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Dan Flavin, and Frank Stella...

Expressive Typography: The Main Types, Figures And Categories

Human beings are in a continuous communication and interaction with other human’s beings to meet their daily needs. In the actual communication process, they use speech to make their ideas reach large audiences and writing to consistently transmit them into future generations. In this context, making the text readable is the primary function of typography...
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Saul Bass And His Influence On Modern Graphic Design

Saul Bass constituted himself one of the most influential graphic designers of the modern world through his innovative and unique design style. Born in Bronx, New York on the 8th of May 1920, Bass was educated at James Monroe High School, then due to a scholarship, Art Students League in Manhattan and finally, attended Brooklyn...
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Principles Of Choosing A Type In Visual Designs

While a goal is to utilize type that is pleasing to the eye, what is pleasing to one may not be pleasing to others. It should be accepted that this is true and that each design will be received differently by everyone. Our ways of processing the outside world are so unique to us as...
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Semiotics Of Typography In Visual Design

Typography in its most basic form is lettering from the Latin alphabet in which we use in everyday life. We apply the use of the alphabet in any given communitive situation whether we are writing or speaking, type is a form of communication that helps us convey a message. The power of typography often goes...
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The Coloration Of Texts In Designing Process

The coloration of texts should be carried out for the purposes of ensuring that the texts can be easily visualized. However, it is the role of the writers to come up with effective colors which will enable the people to view the text in the best way possible. The colors to be used should be...
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Typography In Building Brand Identity And Brand Recognition

The purpose of writing this paper is to create awareness about the power typography in brand building. People have known the importance of writing since the time of its invention but the importance of its lettering style is less popular fact. Typography is an art form that can manipulate the significance of what it communicates....
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