Essays on Ulysses

Comparison Of Homer’s Odyssey And Joyce’s Ulysses

Homer’s Odyssey, Joyce’s Ulysses defines an exploration of consciousness or of inner life, this entails a preference for an anti-hero, or at any rate a hero that doesn’t recognise a heroes of earlier novels, in addition of a length exploration and venture into a wide-scope of subject matter that, while a part of normative and...
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Representation Of The Inner World In James Joyce’s Ulysses

This essay will examine James Joyce’s use of a different narrative voice in his novel Ulysses (1922). It will discuss how his focus on the inner workings of the individual mind, provides a deeper look into the perspective, thoughts and feelings of the characters of the novel. It will highlight the use of stream of...
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Ulysses: The Theme Of Prideful Death

Ulysses and Victor are both very noble and intelligent men whose hubris leads them to their death. They are striving to go beyond that of why is know possible for humanity. There over confidence comes from their abilities to break through to the unknown in nature’s capabilities. Ulysses and Victor were striving for greatness and...
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