Essays on Unemployment

European Employment Policies: Approaches And Possible Solutions

Full employment is regarded by most as an unattainable feat. And, this belief results in people who are committed to solving unemployment problems giving less attention to solutions (Jones, 1992). The fundamental rule to solve unemployment is setting the minimum wages in line with labor productivity growth and the increase in producer prices (Siebert, 1999)....
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Causes Of Unemployment And Strategies To Decrease It

Patterned joblessness is the possibility that joblessness pursues the general blast and bust cycle of economies. During retreats, joblessness rises, yet once the economy grabs once more, it decreases. Clearly there’s a touch of chicken and egg at play here; the more individuals work, the more organizations develop, the more occupations there are, and bad...
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Youth Unemployment In Australia: State Employment Policies

Australia has a well-developed employment system, designed to provide flexibility and certainty to both employers and their employees. Persons in employment are those of working age who, during a short reference period, were engaged in any activity to produce goods or provide services for pay or profit (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018). Workers can be...
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Correlation Between Crime And Unemployment In The

By exploring poverty and political influence, this essay hopes to discover if a relationship between crime and unemployment within the UK can be established. In addition, this essay will look at the main concepts of Robert Agnew’s general strain theory and how application of this may help to gain an understanding of why some who...
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Unemployment In Canada And Iran: A Comparative Analysis

Every individual seeks welfare or well-being, which is often defined by some indicators such as standard of living, life expectancy, and income, all of which need good job opportunities. Therefore, by comparing economic indicators between the home country and the host country, some citizens might decide to immigrate. One of the significant financial purposes for...
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High Unemployment As An Incentive For Self-employment

From an economic point of view one could argue that in order to overcome unemployment people would choose self-employment. Constant and Zimmermann (2014) call this scenario forced self-employment. Meaning that there is no other source of work available other than self-employment. On the other hand, there is a high risk to take when being self-employed....
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Youth Unemployment In South Africa

Due to the gradual increase in unemployment rates, which implies individuals having no access to sufficient income, people tend to fall custom to finding refugee in harmful habits, substance abuse in particular. This is why there is a need to study and examine the extent or magnitude of the relationship and drug abuse. The South...
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The Keynesian Theory And European Unemployment

One key indicator of economic activity is unemployment. Unemployment rate usually rises significantly, during an economic recession then falls as the economy recuperates. Individuals view the typical unemployed worker as suffering long-lasting despair and destitution, so the media publicise high unemployment as a significant social problem. This paper will analyse various economic trends and the...
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Unemployment Determinants in Europe: Analytical Essay

In many Central and Eastern European Countries, high unemployment level is still regarded as one of the main agendas for policy makers. A lot of effort has been put into determining the reasons for unemployment in this region to develop policies and structures to decrease its level (Pesliakaitė, 2016). The demand for labor is inversely...
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