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The Independence Of Colonies Gained Over Great Britain

On July 4th, 1776, the colonies gained independence over Great Britain. Before that could happen, there were two sides fighting for who would get them; the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Loyalists were fighting to stay with Great Britain and continue King George III’s reign into what is now the U.S. On the other side...
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Historical Ties Between The Republic Of Ireland And The: Shared Legal Tradition, Common Language And Cultural Ties

An analysis of the spectacular growth that Ireland had in the last few decades would not be complete enough without a comparison with the economic performance that the island had prior to this economic miracle. The close historical ties between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, with their shared legal tradition, common language...
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A Critical Analysis Of The 2011 Riots

August 2011 saw thousands of people in the United Kingdom begin to riot in several boroughs within London and around many people from different cities participating. The London riots had more than 14,000 on the streets across England for three days. Buildings, businesses and neighbourhoods were destroyed in response to the police shooting of Mark...
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Strengths and Challenges of Great Manchester LEP Area

1.0 Introduction With the argument surrounding ‘planning vacuum’ caused by regional policy, the regional scale has been usurped by a ‘localist’ philosophy for growth and sustainable development (Pugalis, 2015). In the past, the emerging issues include ‘shadow cities and regions’ without appropriate skills, innovation and revenue-raising potential and the persistent gap in regional growth rates....
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