Essays on Vaccination

The Importance Of Vaccination

Introduction Vaccination has become the pinnacle of medicine in the modern scientific world. Vaccination allowed diseases such as smallpox and poliomyelitis (polio), diseases that once caused high mortality rates for children, were either eradicated or reported cases have substantially decreased. Vaccination could be seen as the greatest success for public health. This is why it...
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Arguments Against Vaccination

Introduction A vaccination is a quick and effective method that allows the body the naturally develop an immunological memory towards antigens and thus allow the immune system to readily respond to the antigens present on viruses and bacteria which are pathogens. This works by various techniques, therefore there is a variety of vaccinations a person...
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The MMR Vaccination Project: The Use Of Quantitative Research To Increase MMR Vaccination Completion Rates

EBP Question What is the difference between an NP discussion on MMR vaccination facts and myths pamphlet versus MMR vaccination facts and myths video, on the monthly incidence of MMR vaccination completion rates, among parents of infants, 12-15 months old, who have declined the MMR vaccination in three months? Research Literature Support The MMR vaccination...
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The Vaccination Debate

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the term ‘anti-vaxxers’, and probably have similar views relating to their incomprehensible mentality. This has largely been brought on by the media’s cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs when combined with our very own. Anti-vaccination activists, or “anti-vaxxers” are a growing group of people who hold a hesitancy, reluctance...
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Factors Associated With Vaccine Incompletion Among Children Under Five Years Of Age

Abbreviations WHO World Health Organization SPSS Statistical Package for Social Sciences UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund BCG DTP Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis OPV Oral Polio Vaccine DTPcV-3 Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine TT VPDS Vaccine-Preventable Diseases KAP Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice UN United Nations EPI Expanded Program on Immunization Introduction Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or...
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Vaccination: Foundations Of Medicine Essay

Foundations of Medicine Essay Introduction Vaccination is a preventative measure for diseases. It is when your body receives an inactive strain of a pathogen or the antigens of that pathogen (Usually via inoculation) which your immune system recognises and fights, creating memory cells for if it encounters it again. [1] An example of this is...
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Vaccination: Malaria Vaccine And Control Measures

Vaccination of Malaria Abstract Malaria is a very important parasitic illness of humans caused by infection with a parasite of the genus Plasmodium and transmitted by feminine genus Anopheles. Infection caused by P. falciparum is that the most serious of all the opposite species particularly in terms of morbidity and mortality thus the rationale why...
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Vaccination: Refuting The Claims Of Anti-vaxxers

Abstract Since the beginning of time, illness has followed the humankind. We, as humans, studied illnesses so well to finally be able to cure or even prevent them through different means of medicine. Although some believed in natural remedies, vaccines, specifically, have helped forestall, and even eliminate, major diseases. In the past few years, anti-vaxxers...
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