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Revealing The Meaning Of Term 'Value Chain'

Value chain is the sequential set of primary and support activities that organizations performs to turn inputs into value-added outputs for its external customers. Primary activities are those that associated with production which are inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and after sales service. Meanwhile, support activities are those that provide the background...
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The Connection Of Customers Values And Marketing

What is marketing and why is it so important? The concept of marketing can be defined by Brown (1990, p.5) as “a philosophy holding that any business organization exists to satisfy targeted consumers’ wants and needs”. Others describe it to be everything that must be done to close the sale (Spaulding & D’elia 1989). Marketing...
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The Important Association Between Customer Value And Marketing

There are many different factors that contribute to marketing in order for a business to be successful in its marketing ventures. Brands such as Lululemon must be aware of it’s marketing environment, including the microenvironment and macroenvironment. The microenvironment refers to “All those other organisations and individuals that, directly or indirectly, affect the activities of...
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Customer Value Proposition In The Toothpaste Market

Introduction The fast pace of life, poor eating routines, including sugar-rich diets and the higher consumption of liquor and tobacco have made oral wellbeing one of the significant general medical issues in pretty much all over the world. The effect of oral diseases on individuals’ regular daily existences is subtle and unavoidable, impacting diet, rest,...
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