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Self-destructive And Risk Behaviour Related Deaths Amoungst South African Teenagers

Dysregulated behaviour commonly known as self-destructive behaviour is any behaviour that is harmful or potentially harmful towards the person who engages in the behaviour. Self-destructive behaviour actions can be deliberate, born of impulse or developed as a habit. Examples of self-destructive behaviour can include avoiding friendship to prevent rejection, self-harm, unsafe high-risk exploits, excessive self-sacrificing...
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Technology In Our Everyday Life: Pros And Cons

Technology has changed the way the world functions on day-to-day basis. In each and every section technology has affected, for some it has affected positively but for some it is just the opposite. In the field of business technology has affected positively like by having high-tech machines, manufacturing of products has increased on daily basis...
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Jackie Braasch A Popular Street Car Racer

Think of Jackie Braasch as a street type of Danica Patrick – the American race car driver who has made history in the IndyCar Series race, however, don’t look out for Braasch on the Indy race tracks, you won’t see her as Braasch enjoys racing strictly on the streets and is doing so at a...
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Street Racing And Japanese Manga: Anime Culture

The country of Japan houses many of the world’s biggest car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Being in the same country with these huge car manufactures affected people’s lives and changed their culture. Cars function more than taking people to point A to point B. Cars can become your lifestyle if you’re putting effort...
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Self-driving Cars: Ensuring Safety On The Road

Self-driving cars will be a part of our future and very important to our everyday life. In the next 5 years or less we will have fully self-driving cars. These cars are not your regular cars, they are explained in their name, they are cars that drive themselves after a destination is a set into...
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Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

The 21st century revolves around and depends on cars and motor vehicles. Every day millions of people use these machines for work, play, and everything in-between. The increasingly large-scale use of motor vehicles is jaw dropping but the more concerning and troubling issue is the shear number of deaths and injuries that occur because of...
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Motor Vehicle Crashes: Causes And Prevention

Traffic accidents are the eighth major cause of death globally, according to WHO (Thomas, 2018). In 2016, motor vehicle crashes peaked at 1.35 million. In fact, “traffic deaths are now the leading global cause of deaths for children and young adults between 5 and 29 years old” (Thomas, 2018, para. 4). Just in South Dakota,...
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Self Driving Cars As A Way To Tackle Distracted Driving

Face it, the future is here, and most people are aware of all the changes. Every day people realize that something will be or has been innovated. One of the biggest and most visible changes are self-driving cars, which are becoming even more technologically advanced, but can they really be beneficial to the safety of...
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