Essays on Victorian Era

Society Depicted By Victorian Era Books

The Victorian era was a time of social reform with laws that are still incorporated in today’s society. It took place during the reign of Queen Victoria and lasted for 63 years; from 1837 and ended with her death in 1901. In England, many of the laws and ways of life were different than in...
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Racism In Victorian Era

Racism is an ideology based on the superiority of races. Today’s racism lost this idea of ”superiority” but it seems that it is linked to people’s fear and anxiety towards those who are different from them and that they don’t understand. This fear results in them not being able to accept those differences and despise...
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Victorian Era In Novels Of Charles Dickens And Oscar Wilde’s

Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde’s perspective helps critique ideas of happiness and the good life of Victorian England. They have the ability to change the readers’ perspective through their writings. Their works like A Christmas carol or The picture of Dorian Grey told the people around the world and in Victorian England about how the...
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