Essays on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: My Personal Opinion

The definition of virtual reality depends on the context. I will define it as a 3D simulation with which we can interact with the help of a computer and virtual reality equipment. Imagine a person in an empty room that doesn´t know anything besides the existence of that same room. That person wouldn´t feel, sad,...
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Virtual Reality: Past, Present And Future Application

History Virtual Reality is not a current invention, last years it earn a lot popularity but it has a lot of years and big companies like Nintendo, Google or Sony have been working in it and they are been able to create an immersive and realistic virtual reality due to technological advances. But the truth...
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Virtual Reality: Main Purposes Of Creating, Pros And Cons

Introduction Today, computer information systems are progressing and developing every day, more and more introduced into everyday human life. Step in step with the development of this vast information structure is the development of interconnection with her other system – virtual reality. Its systems are also increasingly involved in the process of human life and...
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