Vladimir Lenin: Visionary Or A Villain

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Vladimir Lenin was a very sharp and powerful man who changed history in many different ways. He was the founder of the Russians communist party and the inspiration to the Russian Revolution. Prior to 1917, Russia was dated and falling behind the rest of the world until Vladimir Lenin took charge and changed the world forever. Many people hold contentious opinions of Vladimir Lenin. Although he positively reformed the Russian government and modernized the country in remarkable ways, he also killed over one hundred million innocent civilians.

Lenin was a visionary for many reasons, as he was ambitious and demonstrated great leadership skills. He managed to manipulate thousands of people to side with him and continue to overtake the government. Lenin saw a vision for his country and was able to communicate intricate ideas to his audience of Russians who may have had limited education. Lenin miraculously persuaded countries to join the Soviet Union. He passionately promoted equality, which many people admired. Lenin did not generalize equality as political equality or equality of opportunity, but the right of everyone to the same standard of living. He was equally sensitive to those who openly identified as homosexual.

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However, Lenin was a villain for many reasons as well. Lenin was an immoral man, as he killed everyone who disagreed with him or his ideas of government and murdered Tsar and his family. He commenced a civil war because many people were opposed to the Bolshevik party. Lenin destroyed Russia’s economic system and replaced it with socialism. He also didn’t follow through on his promises as he promised communism, but within a few months, I feel as if their form of government turned into a dictatorship. Lenin was childish and immature when he didn’t get what he wanted. For example when he broke the general assembly due to them disagreeing with his views. Lastly, he replaced himself with a very wicked man Stalin.

If Lenin had not taken charge, then it’s quite possible that Russia could still be living in the brutal reality of Tsarism and they would be falling behind immensely. For that reason, I believe Lenin was a cunning man who clearly demonstrated great leadership as he effectively persuaded many people and countries to respect him, therefore making him a great leader and a visionary. On the other hand, Lenin killed millions of people and clearly demonstrated he had no morals. He was a villain to many people and often manipulated people to induce what he desired. You can perceive Lenin in many different ways and from completely opposing views. He was as a man who modernized the Russian culture and he was also a man who killed millions of innocent civilians. I recognize Lenin as a great leader who brought the Bolsheviks to power, however, I greatly disagree with his strategy. He was a visionary as he did bring great power to his country, however, he did it wrongfully so. In conclusion, Lenin was a visionary due to his willingness, passion, and dedication to his country but he was also a villain, caused by his immoral values and his method of leading his country to greatness.  


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