Essays on Voting Behaviour

Problems Occurred In Voting

Within the first few months of 2020, many problematic events have occurred. More some relevant than others, such as the global pandemic and the high number of unemployed people during said pandemic. The pandemic is causing many issues society is not used to facing and we are being forced to overcome these obstacles in the...
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Voting Behaviour: Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews Starting from the Bangkok Declaration signed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in 1967, ASEAN enlarged its size by adding Brunei Darussalam in 1984, and Vietnam in 1995, Laos PDR and Myanmar in 1997, and Cambodia in 1999, covering the whole South East Asia region, except a small young state, Timor-Leste which...
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Voter Behaviour: Public Opinion And Modern Views

Introduction Representation is the basis of modern democratic theory. In most mature electoral democracies, this is achieved through regular elections. These provide voters with the opportunity to select their representatives, whose policy goals align with their own. This chapter explores how citizens in electoral democracies vote and some of the key influences on their behaviour....
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Voting Behavior Among College Students

Voting behavior is a form of political behavior. Understanding voters’ behavior can explain how and why decisions were made either by public decision-makers, which has been a central concern for political scientists Goldman (2006), or by the electorate. To interpret voting behavior both political science and psychology expertise were necessary and therefore the field of...
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Influence Of Campaign Contributions On Voting Behaviour

Assignment 3. The theory that campaign contributions influence voting behaviour enjoys the support of several studies throughout political literature. Numerous studies have examined the relationship between campaign contributions and their consequent effect on congressional voting and finally, policy outcomes (Austen-Smith, 1987; Chappell, 1982; Wawro, 2001). Previous literature has explained the impact of interest groups’ campaign...
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Influence Of Sex On Voting Behaviour: Book Review

Without a reasonable doubt, the entry of voters into the political arena marks a defining moment in a country’s politics. However, since Jamaica’s transition to an independent self government, it is amongst the few countries who has employed a competitive party system (Stone, 1978). There has been a lack of literature as it relates to...
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