Essays on Walmart

Walmart's Market Strategy

The base strategy of Walmart was to sell the product at a much lower price compared to his contenders. This strategy worked for the largest retail chain store in the world. The sales skyrocketed and there was an exponential growth in the number of stores in the US and the business expanded to other countries...
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Wal-mart: A Brief Overview And Alarming Issues

Wal-Mart: A Brief Overview Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been chosen for our organization behavior course. We’ve chosen Wal-Mart because it is currently one of the largest retail stores with major Ob-related problems. We’ve tried to identify those problems and give possible recommendations to solve those problems. Discussion about these problems going to continue throughout this...
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Strategic Analysis Of Dollar General (DG) And Walmart (WMT)

Abstract Dollar General’s (DG) strategy is to be a low-cost provider and focus on its customers. DG is a low-cost provider because the stores are in rural areas, it has a limited selection of products, it keeps labor costs down, it carries private-label goods, and it looks to cut costs in the supply chain. DG...
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Sustainable Practices Of Walmart

Walmart is a US transnational retail company founded by Sam Walton in Arkansas. It rapidly started to internationalize in 1991 in Europe, United Kingdom, China, Japan and many other countries. Nowadays, Walmart is the world’s leading generalist supermarket group ahead of its competitor Carrefour with 3,500 stores all over the world. Because of the scale...
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Wal-mart Swot Analysis

Everyone’s favorite big box store, Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retail corporation that sells everything from groceries to musical instruments. More than 270 million customers visit Walmart for their purchases every week while many make online purchases through its websites. Wa-Mart started as a single small discounted store in 1962 in Arkansas. Over the last...
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Sun Zi’s Art Of War Theory: Walmart Analysis

From the studies of Sun Zi’s Art of War, this theory interprets that those who arrive first at the battleground will have sufficient time to rest and prepare against the enemy and those who arrive late at the battleground will have to rush into battle when they are already exhausted. The first mover in the...
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Impacts of the Walmart Bribery Scandal in Mexico

Abstract I am writing this case study with the intentions to identify and analyse the impacts of the Walmart bribery scandal in Mexico. I intend on doing this through the thorough exploration of the scandal using a PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental aspects). The incidents which involved the American organisation and...
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Wal-Mart in Germany: Critical Analysis

Introduction For decades, the researchers agree the entering of foreign markets must be studied because it needs more understand (Hennart and Slangen, 2014; Arslan et al., 2015). Multinational companies (MNCs) leave the research of the entry mode that more than underexplored to the Small and medium-sized enterprise’s SMEs (Brouthers and Hennart, 2007). Choose a suitable...
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