Walt Disney And His Entertainment Company

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Why does Disney keep its development team small?

Walt Disney is an entertainment company that is very famous for its movies and its entertainment places. The company was founded by Walter and Roy Disney in 1923 as a producer of animated movie. The company grew to become a leader in animation before getting into the theme parks and television. Disney has gotten corporate divisions specifically focus in familiar audience and have different studios where he made movies. The signature of Wal Disney is Mickey Mouse, a cartoon that was created by the 1920’s and is one of the most famous characters in the entire cartoon industry. According to Disney’s director of systems Jonathan Geibel, when there are seven or more people in a team for some reason, he believed that involvement of the teammates will drop significantly because the quality in the discussion will be low. Geibel believe that teams should be between two and six people together with the leader and all that people should be a technical expert in their field. Small teams can inspire people and this people can create new stuff.

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What are the pros and cons of the teams being so autonomous?

Pros of having autonomous teams, they could select their own schedule, they could dress the way they decide, how and where their office should be, pick up their own routines and decide their own way of communication etc. Cons of having autonomous teams, people not getting used to it and always asking for permissions, people not understanding the way company works and creating a mess because nothing is defined, people being extremely honest to each other and creating problems among the employees. In a such huge workplace like Disney, autonomy can have many positive effects such as: improved quality of the completed work, Increased productivity, increased level of employee morale, and Managers and supervisors have much less stress to deal with. On the other hand, autonomy can have major cons on a company like Disney. Some of these cons are: increased level of business risk, takes more time to make major decisions, decreased efficiency or productivity, and a blurred chain of command.

Is Disney’s team approach most suited to creative projects, or would it work equally well in other kinds of industries?

I don’t think Disney’s team approach will work in all creative project, in my opinion, the way Disney’s works is more for a radical innovation and architectural innovation, and that’s because radical innovation is a process that replaces an existing process and replaces the process with something else and architectural innovation destroys the usefulness of a firm’s architectural knowledge but preserves the usefulness of its knowledge about the product’s components, as you can see you can have only small teams to work in these kind of innovations and it won’t recommended for incremental innovation and component innovation.

In conclusion, the dynamic of this company is to create entertainment for the people, it uses a lot of technology to make sure that it entirely stays in the taste of the people. The company constantly has to protect his innovations in so many different ways because otherwise if it doesn’t somebody will steal its ideas. Disney’s core technology has been and will always be the way Disney does the movies, here is where Disney cannot be over pass. Disney has to make sure that they will keep on protecting their technology especially now that they acquire a new big franchise that is creating billions of dollars. They have already defined a good strategy that have been creating a lot of money, my only suggestion will be to keep on exploiting the new franchise that they acquired.


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