Essays on Water

Increasing The Sufficiency Of Water Supply To Arid Regions In Yemen

Introduction Climate change has put a challenge to provide water to arid regions of the world. This report will discuss the impact of global warming in arid regions such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen, find the reasons and the effects of decrease of the water supply, how it impacts the economy of the region or...
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Water Budget Analysis Of Malta

Water is an essential resource with consistently high demand. While water is perceived as inexhaustible, growing global populations and rapid urbanization has placed pressure on available freshwater resources. These growing demands have the resulted in freshwater shortages in certain areas. On the other hand, some naturally wet regions or regions that become wetter due to...

Ocean Pollution: Importance Of Water In Our Life

Introduction People may not be aware about the importance of the massive blue area that covers most of our earth. It could be said that it is covering more than 70 percent of our planet, and called oceans. It considers among the earth’s most valuable natural resources. There are a great deals of purposes which...
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Desalination By Freezing: Principles And Process

Desalination by freezing forms depends on the reality of that ice precious stones are comprised of basically unadulterated water. It comprises of three discrete advances: ice development, ice cleaning, and ice liquefying. Since it has various favorable circumstances, for example low vitality necessities, the invulnerability of fouling and erosion or scaling just as practically no...
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Influence Of Water Balance On Human Organism

Water is essential for all life on earth, but too much water for some species can lead to serious health issues. Athletes consume insufficient fluid and electrolytes just before, or during training and competition. Interest in running has been growing over the past few decades, and marathon running is no exception. There are many marathon...
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Importance Of Fresh Water Ecosystem

Introduction As cited by SpringLink (2019); aquatic lives are much exclusive than ordinary terrestrial lives. Aquatic animals are those that stay inner water. They have a provision in the frame to make their respiration. These aquatic animals are in particular characterized as the only who don’t get a close contact with the global outside water....
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Recent Technological Advancements In The Field Of Water Filtration

Introduction Engineers of all forms endeavour to convert complex problems into simpler more understandable problems that can be solved easily. While water may be the essence of life it can also potentially be the carrier of dirt, minerals, chemicals, microscopic organisms, bacteria’s and other contaminants which can greatly compromise one’s health. As a result, engineers...
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Nepal Water Scarcity and Management Report

Stable water usage is what ensures the sustainable development of society, economy and living environment. However, in Nepal, the distribution of water is uneven and insufficient for the population, and the limited sources are often polluted. As one of the world’s poorest country, repairing and developing the water storage and delivery system in Nepal continues...
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