Essays on Water Scarcity

Desertification And Increasing Water Scarcity

It is important to understand the very fact that only 3% of the world’s water is fresh and roughly it’s inaccessible. the remainder is extremely unevenly distributed and therefore the available supplies and increasingly contaminated with wastes and pollution from industry, agriculture and house hold. it’s going to maintain of the water available to us...
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Water Scarcity As A Threat To Global Food Security

A lack of water can have a major economic consequence, there are many sectors which rely on water for there operations. Two of these large sectors include the mining industry and the agricultural industry, who both rely heavily on water and have been having trouble in drought. The tourism industry is also set to have...
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Water Supply: A Severe Water Crisis In Kenya

In the far side of Africa lies a country that severely lacks a critical ingredient required for their survival. With an overcrowded population of 46 million and growing, the Kenyan water supply isn’t getting any better. Can you believe that 18.8 million Kenyans still rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and...
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Nepal Water Scarcity and Management Report

Stable water usage is what ensures the sustainable development of society, economy and living environment. However, in Nepal, the distribution of water is uneven and insufficient for the population, and the limited sources are often polluted. As one of the world’s poorest country, repairing and developing the water storage and delivery system in Nepal continues...

Causes And Consequences Of Water Scarcity

Our entire world is made up almost entirely of water; there are faucets and fountains at our disposal, and a surplus of packaged bottled water at our grocery stores, yet the world is going through a water crisis. 70% of the earth is made up of water, and from that large amount of water only...
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The Great Significance Of Water Scarcity For Human Activities

Water scarcity is a form of water shortage and it is the shortage of enough water resources to meet a population’s demands for water in a particular region. Water scarcity is already affecting many countries and the water that cannot be provided is needed for essential reasons such as to create food, energy, and industries....
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