Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure

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What is peer pressure first of all? Peers are group members it can be a social group, family group, or any other type of group. Peer pressure means the kind of behavior that is influenced by the peers of the group and which is not socially acceptable in society. It can be to experiment the use of alcohol consumption, drugs, or bullying somebody, its effect is generally considered negative. It is the influence of one person on another person or the whole group, to do negative or wrong things.

Let’s see some ways to avoid this:

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1. Take your Own stand

Take a stand for yourself and tell people no. The more confident and certain you are in your answer or stand, the chances are less that people will try to influence you or harass you. Make eye contact with them and confidently refuse if you feel that the thing they are offering or saying is wrong, they will not bug you next time even if they want as they already know your answer. You do not need to follow people to be cool or popular.

2. Build a better self-esteem

If you have good self-esteem, chances are less that you will fall into peer pressure, or get influenced wrongly by others. IF you want to improve your self-esteem start following your role models, if you do not have them start making some role models. Start making small goals and try to complete them this way you will focus on your growth and will not have time for other negative activities. Believe in yourself.

3. Practice saying NO

You may think that by saying no you may hurt others feeling or appear as a coward who doesn’t want to try new things, but if they are negative things that are not true, Start practicing saying no If you want to be well out of bad influence and peer pressure say NO. You may feel that it was not cool but it will only help you in return.

4. Do not follow the herd

Do not be a bird of feather flocks together, or follow the herd, think about what they are doing or following a debate against it, Is it right for you to do this? Is this the reason you are in the place you are? Would you have a mind full of peace if you will follow the herd? Think before you follow.

5. Find a true friend

there are many types of friends, but the true ones will only correct you in your mistakes even if that hurts your feeling because they are the only ones who will show you the mirror. Try making that friend. If you can’t try to talk in your family a friend should not be necessarily from outside it can be your sibling, or your cousin, or your parents.

6. BE the better man

Try to develop your own instincts, trust your own decisions, know what is right and wrong for you, have faith in yourself, trust your conscience, it will always tell you what is right and what is right.

These were some ways to avoid peer pressure, often it can leave you feeling depressed or lonely, but do not be like that you have your family’s support. Stay away from peer pressure and negative influence.


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