Ways to Find True Happiness: Opinion Essay

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If one were to search the internet and ask “what makes people happy,” what would the answer be? My best guess is that a countless number of the population would say their families and relationships bring them a great deal of satisfaction. However, happiness can spark from anything, and the sources of happiness differ for all people. The world is broken into groups of people who all share similar interests, have the same hobbies and jobs, like the same foods or animals; but overall, everyone finds bliss on their own. I am a strong believer that happiness can be made and that all people can grow to be happy. Learning how to be elated with what one has is one good example of how to find happiness. There is no one thing that makes every single person in society happy.

Being content with what I have and the items I am given is a personal struggle for me. There have been times in my life that I have been more fortunate than I am now; and it is not easy for me to understand and adapt sometimes. I find myself forgetting that I need to be content with myself and the friends and family members who support me. Many people have supported me through my dance career. This is the one thing I have devoted my time, energy and money into since I was four years of age. I grew up dancing at a local studio by reason of the happiness it gave me and my family. I loved, and still love, the rush I get from anticipating going on

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the stage, the lights shining bright above me, getting my makeup on, getting all dressed up in a pretty costume, performing, and most of all, the rambunctious applause that, even more, allows me to feel successful. This is what brings me true happiness. It is my passion. Recently, I have taken the memories that have been made over the last thirteen years for granted. I am suffering from a hip injury, a tear in my hip labrum, and it has caused me a great deal of pain; both physically and emotionally. For the reason that dance has been my biggest source of joy, not dancing has affected me more than anyone could ever interpret, including myself. Although I am still working on being hopeful, I am learning to be content with what I have. I have a plentiful amount of cherished friends, a supportive and loving family, and I have a lot to be thankful for. While reading Pursuing Happiness, I came across an essay titled “Tao Te Ching”. The author, Laozi, believes in and studies Chinese Daoism. He talks in depth about complacency and states that “when you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you;” a very important passage (page fourteen). Since I have become familiar with this life-changing quote, I have seen a difference in the way I view my personal and daily life. Keeping this in mind is crucial and has the ability to help all people when focusing on their happiness.

This goes hand in hand with how people make their own joy. The dictionary definition of the word passionate is the following: showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief. Everyone has contrasting passions. Whether it be sports, art, music, vehicles, and so on. By searching for the things that one is passionate about, it allows a direct pathway to happiness; the intense emotion that one feels when they do the things they call a passion of theirs. True happiness can be achieved by many alternative things as well. The relationships that are built between two or more people are so vital to people it can almost be seen as a necessity for survival. Having loved ones, whether they are friends or family members, seems to bring surface happiness. I mean this is the sense that, as an outsider observing the way people interact with their “special people”, it is quite clear that anyone’s mood gets much better when they are surrounded by those that they like. While talking about true happiness, and its sources, it is clear and proven scientifically that those with close bonds are naturally more happy. Each person has a unique set of friends, and a rare way of making new ones. It can be argued that friendship is just as important as other basic necessities of life such as food, water, shelter, education, clothing and oxygen. Therefore, if these are the simple things in life that can bring so many people in society so much optimism and delight, then the statement that relationships can bring all humans happiness must be truthful.

Creating true happiness is the ultimate goal all people have. It can be easy to lose sight of the path that all must take, to find what one is looking for. No matter how hard life can seem, it is important to aim your focuses towards the things that bring you excitement. To understand that there are ups, and downs in life is another good life lesson. It teaches people how to be satisfied with what they have and the experiences they have been given in the past; and it will help them to appreciate the ones they are given in the future. Each and every person’s journey is going to be a unique one. We all enjoy participating in different things. This allows each person to figure out what makes them truly happy. For me, dance and relationships are the two main origins of my happiness. Whatever is happening in life, do not forget that happiness can be made. It stays with one and develops stronger as people grow through life. There will always be something that causes someone to be happy. Therefore, true happiness is achievable by all.


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