Essays on West Side Story

Overview And Context: Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

Sergei Prokofiev, born 23 April 1891 in Krasne, Ukraine, was an incredibly influential Russian pianist, composer, and conductor of the 20th century. His father, also Sergei Prokofiev, was an agronomist (soil engineer) while Maria Prokofieva, his mother, was an accomplished pianist. Thus, by age five, Prokofiev had composed his first work. At age thirteen, he...

Issues Of Stereotyping In Hollywood: West Side Story

The goal of this paper is to analyze the issues of stereotyping in Hollywood that stem from both inequality in the casting of minority races and ethnicities, and the absence of diversity amongst Hollywood directors. The main issues will be addressed through examining the themes in and music of the film West Side Story. This...
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