Essays on Western Culture

Globalisation And Western Culture Imperialism

Globalisation is a leading topic of discussion for many countries and cultures around the world as fear of western cultural imperialism is becoming more prominent. Many people believe that their cultural identity is under threat from the increasing dominance of western powers in foreign countries. Through the trade of popular culture such as movies, television...
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The Impact Of Westernisation On Traditional Cultures

Culture consists of the customs and beliefs of a community, passed down from generation to generation in the form of religion, folklore, language and music. It is these cultural practices that have led traditional communities to prosper, for people in these communities follow the expected due to consistency, without being thinkers or seekers. However, modern...
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The Role Of Media In Building European Identity

Introduction Media has been at the forefront of public influence ever since mass production of the newspaper began, during the industrial revolution (Unwin, Unwin & Tucker, 2019). Since then, many techniques have been developed across different mediums, which shape and influence our minds, culture, thoughts, beliefs and opinions (Manzaria & Bruck, 1999). These techniques, for...
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