Essays on Westward Expansion

The United States Of America's Major Growth

In the early 1800’s, the United States of America experienced major growth. Prior to this growth the newly formed nation had been in constant conflict with Great Britain over a myriad of issues. From heavy taxation without representation and countless unjust laws, to the continued violation of colonists’ rights which fostered the growing unity in...
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Westward Expansion: Mexican American War

 When the English settlers came to the Americas they had plans to essentially take control/expand of this continent believing that they had a task to implement their traditions and law on people who already lived on that continent. This ultimately is a belief of Manifest Destiny that these settlers full-heartedly believed it was their ultimate...
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The Gateway Arch: The Representation Of Westward Expansion

This 630-foot monument to one of the founding fathers is a stunning sight. The Gateway Arch is what I’m talking about. The Gateway Arch is an arch in St Louis Missouri, right next to the Missipissi river. The Gateway Arch intrigues visitors through its impressive construction process, its representation of westward expansion, and it’s still...
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