Essays on Whale Rider

Camera Techniques In Whale Rider

Several types of camera shots and angles are used in the film. There may not be a deeper intention behind the choice of every shot, but multiple techniques indicate the status of symbols, figures, or nature. Some shots determine the size of a subject in its environment, and subjects can be displayed from different angles....

Symbolism In Whale Rider: Movie Review

Niko Caro, Director Nikola Jean “Niki” Caro was born in Wellington in 1967. In 1997, her first feature film, Memory and Desire, received international approval (Niki Caro Biography…). Whale Rider was an even larger success. Based on The Whale Rider, it was broadcast and praised all over the world. The most remarkable award it won...
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Whale Rider: Book Versus Movie

The novel explicitly depicts the impiety humans treat nature with, for instance by executing nuclear tests or killing whales. This aspect is not present in Whale Rider which can at least to some extent be explained with the cast nearly entirely consisting of Maori who do not contaminate the sea. Moreover, Caro treats Paikea’s myth...

Whale Rider: Change Of Koro’s Attitude Towards Pai

The task given to the students of year 9 is to write an analytical essay that discusses how a film produces meaning for a school-based magazine. We are expected to demonstrate our understanding of: the film and how film techniques create meaning and essay structures. With reference to the film Whale Rider, we are to...
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