What Causes A Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy alludes to female teenagers getting to be pregnant between the ages of 13-19. These youthful females have not yet arrived at adulthood and the reasons for high school pregnancy shift enormously.

Teenage mothers generally do not have the resources to care for a child and often they are not able to sustain healthy habits throughout pregnancy to ensure they produce a healthy baby.

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High school pregnancy might be connected to things, for example, lack of education and information about reproduction, peer pressure, and early commitment to sexual activity. Although some high school pregnancies are purposeful, most of them are inadvertent and lead to many negative results for the young mother, the youngster just as other family and friends. High school moms by and large don’t have the assets to think about a tyke and regularly they are not ready to support sound propensities all through pregnancy to guarantee they produce a solid infant. These youthful females regularly don’t finish their studies and they start an interminable cycle in which their child may further proceed to turn into a high school parent also.


Adolescent pregnancy is defined as females between the ages of 13-15 who engage in sexual activity and become pregnant either intentionally or unintentionally. Many times, these teens are regarded as selfish, apathetic, and immoral by the general population regardless of the teen’s intention of getting pregnant.


In certain societies, traditions and conventions lead to early marriage which would therefore lead to prompt early pregnancy. In these cases, pregnancy is satisfactory and is frequently purposeful, anyway, they are happening in creating nations, for example, India and Sub-Saharan Africa. In developed nations, however, young pregnancy is regularly accidental and because for a wide range of reasons.

Drugs and Alcohol

During adult age, youngsters may drink and try different things with drugs again and again with their companions and social gatherings. Adolescents, however, don’t understand the effects liquor and medications have on the processing of their brain, particularly the impacts of hard-core boozing which is devouring a lot of liquor during one sitting. Drinking too much just as testing drugs may prompt undesirable and unexpected pregnancy. These substances enormously influence an adolescent’s capacity to intelligently think and complete general reasoning procedures, accordingly which builds the greater number of chances they will take part in unprotected and unsafe sexual activity.

Low Socioeconomic Status

Teenagers who become pregnant frequently originated from groups of low financial status. Growing up, these kids regularly originate from families who are experiencing destitution and don’t have all the financial aids to bring up their kids. These small children at that point inclined to a negative domain end up with less aspiration to prevail in school and start making kinships with different teenagers who are experiencing comparative circumstances as them. They are not well in school and they start experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Low financial status is additionally connected to low degrees of family connectedness. This implies kids/youth experiencing childhood in these homes do not have a strong role model or people to gaze upward to or gain from. Inside these low financial status families, misuse is regularly pervasive and inclines youth to dangerous and upsetting conditions. This absence of family connectedness pushes youth away from trusting in the grown-ups inside their homes yet towards other harried youth enduring in similar ways.

With their absence of education and information about reproduction, these youngsters take part in unprotected and risky sexual activity. These youngsters don’t think about the accessible contraceptives nor do they investigate their alternatives. Regardless of whether the young people have some type of contraception, they are utilizing them inaccurately which makes them useless during sexual activity. These adolescents basically take part in intercourse at youthful ages and may have multiple partners which further leads to more prone to pregnancy.

Peer Pressure

Sexual abuse is also another reason why teens may become pregnant. Early sexual abuse has been linked to later teen pregnancies. Some children have unfortunately been sexually abused by predators or even families even before entering puberty. These young kids often are unable to inform a trusted adult about the situation due to fear of being harmed by their predator. These situations, further affect the child as they enter adolescence and increases the chances of teen pregnancy.

Peer pressure is another real reason for sexual abuse, frequently females might be constrained or forced by an older male accomplice to take part in sexual activity. These youthful females out of dread may feel compelled to take part in unprotected sex without a choice.

Peer pressure may likewise be predominant in an alternate structure while seeing someone teenagers might be forced by their accomplice to have hazardous and unprotected sex to express their ‘love’ and ‘genuine emotions’ for their partner. The accomplice may control the other to have unprotected sex which prompts unintended pregnancy.

Sexual abuse is likewise another motivation behind why adolescents may wind up pregnant. Early sexual maltreatment has been connected to later teenager pregnancies. These circumstances further impact the kid as they enter youth and expands the more chances of youngster pregnancy.

Media Influence

The media affects adolescent pregnancy, particularly shows, for example, ‘Youngster Mom’ and ’16 and Pregnant. These shows frequently glamorize pregnancy and conceal the genuine hardships related to pregnancy which urges these adolescents to end up pregnant. Some young females become pregnant to make sure they can drop out of secondary school or to compel their partners into a more profound responsibility. Resistance is additionally another motivation behind why a few teenagers will end up pregnant. To demonstrate themselves as having more power over their lives, an adolescent may choose to have a youngster. These TV praise having a youngster through the advancement of these adolescents having an increasingly grown-up way of life, with greater obligation and choice of own decision making. 


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