Essays on What Is History

The Meaning Of History And Its Importance

What is history? In this paper, we will talk about history and its importance, how it is compared and how historians use it to make us know our past and to understand our present and vice versa. Likewise, we will realize how history is a very useful tool for other sciences, for example, for astronomy,...
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Factors Of Outbreak Of The War In The Pacific

The outbreak of war in the pacific, exclusively with Japan, was caused by many interlocking events and happenings. Japan invaded many provinces such as places in China and Manila and caused many disputes with other countries such as America and other Dutch and colonies. Some of the reasons for the outbreak of war include Japan’s...
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History: Myall Massacre Conflict

This essay will inquire into the frontier struggle between Europeans Settlers and Indigenous Australians that cover until 1901. The conflict between Europeans and Aboriginals began after 1788 when the European settlers first arrived in Australia. 20000 Aboriginals were killed during the fighting on the frontier in the 19th century. The major three things happened during...
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Reference To 'Denial: History On Trial' And Meaning Of Good History

Denial: History on Trial is a film that portrays a court case between David Irving and Deborah Lipstadt. In Lipstadt’s book, she calls Irving, a writer of books on World War II, “one of the most dangerous spokespersons for Holocaust denial.” This eventually led to Irving filing a libel suit against Lipstadt and her publisher....
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The Theme Of Love Is History

Someone may ask, what is history? History can be many things. History can be recollections of the war, medieval societies, memorable movements, and more. While history is a collection of random events that someone had deemed important, all history is, is simply just events and memories that have been perceived in some sort of way....
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