Essays on White Collar Crime

White Collar Crimes In India

“White-collar crime is not new to India. The scale is. ” Introduction The famous criminology Professor Edwin H. Sutherland coined the term ‘White Collar Crime’ as “the crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in course of their occupation”[endnoteRef:3]. Sutherland, contiguous this definition, included in it the huge corporation and legal...
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White Collar Crime: Review And Application Of Theoretical Perspectives

Introduction Since Sutherland developed the concept of a White-Collar Criminal, theorists have developed theories and frameworks that have attempted to explain the causes and the consequences of White-Collar offending. White-collar offending has been defined as an illegal or an act deemed unethical that violates the fiduciary responsibility or public trust for a personal or organizational...
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Effects Of Street Crime Versus White Collar Crime

Abstract This paper explores white collar crime in comparison to street crime in order to give insight to the crimes faced in our society. The effects and the consequences of these two categories of crimes, such as the long-lasting effects on the victims involved, and the subcategories that fall under both types of crime are...
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