Essays on White Teeth

White Teeth: The Cultural Significance

The novel White Teeth, by Zadie Smith, gives an account of two North London families, one headed by Archie, the other by Archie’s closest companion, a Muslim Bengali named Samad Iqbal. Buddies since they served together in World War II, Archie and Samad are firmly an improbable pair. Trudging Archie is run of the mill inside...
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White Teeth: Symbolism Of White Teeth

White Teeth by Zadie Smith is a symbolic novel that illustrates the nature of people and how they relate to each other. Teeth, as widely used in the novel, are a symbolic term that is used to mean people. Teeth are essentially white no matter the race of an individual; this factual concept of the...
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The Use Of Irony To Discuss Cultural Determinism In White Teeth

In the 20th century, the World Wars led to the collapse of the imperial system, leaving behind massive global inequality, as well as the interconnected “global modern world system” (Carmack) that still exists today. This process lead to large-scale immigration from former colonies to Europe, a trend that gave rise to fears that immigrants from...
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