Essays on Who Am I

Essay on Who Am I: Analysis of Theories Used for Self-knowledge

There are a number of different theories on what makes an individual just that, an individual. Every person is ultimately unique no matter how similar they might seem to another person (Hall, Lindzey, & Campbell, 1957). The theories of personality are focused on many perspectives, but for the objective of this paper, I’m going to...
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Reflection on Who Am I: My Feelings and Intellect

Sadhana refers to the cleansing of one’s own misdeeds, fault-lines, scouring and replacing it with gentleness, goodness. Usually, our faults are not understood. This work has to be done by the introverted intellect. Introspection, self-improvement, self-building, self-development, these four subjects should be tested on every criterion with a view to rigorous review. Efforts should be...
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