Who Is Responsible For Childhood Obesity

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“We have laws against leaving a loaded weapon with our children, why should food be any different?” Daniel Weintraub says. Childhood obesity is not just about your kid being overweight, it is a serious problem caused by imbalance between calorie intake and calories utilized (Kluwer). Kids who are clinically obese are at risk of developing health problems from having too much body fat (Thompson). Should kids be punished for this? Should they be blamed? If not, who? According to a parents’ survey, 1% of parents blamed manufacturers; 7% blamed advertising on TV; 9% blamed the child; 10% blamed fast food companies; and 73% blamed themselves (Iannelli) It is the parents duty to make sure their child receives healthy and enough nutrition to sustain their body. But giving them access from eating everything they want is like giving them a weapon to use but might end up harming themselves if used incorrectly. There is nothing wrong from allowing them to have everything, but parents should also know their limitation and the consequences of what they have done.

Parents are responsible for their children’s obesity and should stop pointing fingers to school and fast food but themselves.

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Schools are made to teach students reasoning and thinking skills, and to add more knowledge to what they currently have. They don’t need to remind children what to eat or should not because they should already know that before even entering school (Metallo). Even though they offer their students food every nutrition and lunch, it’s still the students choice if they’ll eat it or they will not. They can’t force their students to get food if they doesn’t want to. There are still students who carry their lunches to school, no matter what that is (Metallo). Students have the rights to bring what they wanted to eat, it doesn’t matter how unhealthy it is. Schools might be serving healthy foods to their students, but it does not mean students will be automatically be healthy since not everyone is willing to eat what the cafeteria is serving. Why can’t schools ban the junk foods? They can and if they will, it will not stop childhood obesity. If there is junk out there, kids will find it (Metallo).

Fast foods are people’s go-to choice if they lack of time and energy to cook. It makes everything easy especially for busy parents who doesn’t have time to make breakfast or dinner because of their jobs (Popkin). Fast food might be appealing for everyone because of its advertisement who can make everyone salivate. Every fast food restaurants would do anything to make their food looks great to sell more. It is in our hand if we’re not going to stop ourselves for being attracted to it. We all know how unhealthy fast foods are; it contains huge amounts of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar (Popkin). Eating too much fast food might causes people a lot of diseases but we will not be affected if people know their limit. Fast food places might always on our way but it’s our option not to be force to stop our car, in the first place, they are not forcing us, nobody is. They might be encouraging us but we should know where to stand. There is nothing wrong about craving for something unhealthy, but students should know their limit.

Parents are part of everyone’s lives. We have been with them since we were born. They taught us how to read and write, what’s right and wrong, and they lead us on how to become the person we are today. “Parents know best”, but do they really? Did our parents never lack reminders? It is one of the parents priority is their child’s safety. It is their responsible to always keep them from harm, not just in external but also internal. Parents should always bring their kids to the doctors for their regular check-up. They don’t know what is happening inside of their offspring’s body. Some parents might think their child is healthy by just looking at their physical features, but looks can be deceiving. According to a survey, only 11% of parents distinguish their child’s weight precisely (Barbour). Being unaware of what’s happening to your own child will include the risk of them going through something without the help of their parents on ending it. The fact that they are responsible for it, they should know how to cure it with the help of their pediatrician. What led for their child to be obese? First, their genes, 35 – 40% children inherit their condition from their parents (Dolton). Second, the variety of food parents are giving to them. Parents are known for being lovable and thoughtful, to the point that they are will to provide anything they can for their kids. But there is a thin line between being thoughtful and reasonable. It is everyone’s general knowledge especially for parents the proper food to eat. Being busy and tired is not excuse for providing them anything just to fill their stomach. They are superior to their child, they should practice their child to learn how to control their craving and wants. There are kids who grew up being vegan, their parents and their love for the animals put them in that place but despite of not eating meat, pork and chicken, they grew up healthy and strong.

On the other hand, school also did a part on rising the rate of childhood obesity. Busy days at school causes children to be stress about their school works, no time for exercise or even to eat (Pica). Lots of time spent on computer, sitting down and just eating whatever is easy to access, fast food or frozen foods.

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