Why Alexander Was Called The Great

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Why was Alexander the great such a great person? A lot of people might be asking the same question on how he got his name. I will be saying opinions on why he is so great and what he has done to get that title. Some of the things that made him such a great person was the way he lead his country once his father died. Another one is the way he created and led the army to so many victores. Those might be just a few reasons on why Alexander the great is such a great person and how he earned that title.

At a young age, Alexander the Great’s father got assassinated by his bodyguard. He was just 20 years old. He knew that he had to take over that role and out himself in the Macedonian throne. So that knowone could change that from him, he killed his rivals so that they couldn’t change that rule for him. Alexander knew that he wanted to carry on what his father had done. So to do that he had to continue on with Macedonia’s world domination. He built an army and headed to Persia. They crossed a narrow strait between the Aegean and Marmara Sea. there that started war with the Persian ad Greek forces. The war ended and Alexander and Macedonians won and earned that victory.

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Army was another part of why Alexander the Great was so great. There has been no leader in history to win a battle. His trained army, or should I say well trained army lead him to many victories. Alexander the great fought and defeated most armies at the time. His father passed down a great army. That army was like nothing else that has happened before. They all worked well together as a team. Alexander saw all of the hard work that was given and said “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all”. For achieving all of these victories much of the thanks should go to his father since before he was killed he was the one that made the army so strong. So by doing all of this and showing how he could lead an army to many victories. Showed how he can be so great in his army.

Everyone always thought that Alexander the Great was a cruel and rude person. But he has changed this world whether that be thousand of years ago or just last week he has. He has conquered many armies. Those armies included Persia, Egypt, Syria, Mespotamiama, Bactria, and Punjab. Everyone thought that Alexander was one of the empires of all time. He showed the world how anyone can follow their dreams. People thought of him as looking up to Napoleon and the Romans. He left behind a more connected world and a better army and so much more.

In conclusion there can be many reasons why Alexander the great was so great. He had great leadership skills once his father died. He carried on that trait and lead an army to numerous amounts of victories. He showed people how to lead and people still remember what he as done to this day. Those can just be some of the ways why he got his title has “the great”. Why do you think that he got his title has the great? 


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