Essays on Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: Military Campaigns

Winston Churchill was born into a well-recognised military and political family in 1874.  After serving as a military officer in three campaigns and also as a war correspondent he developed skills that set him on the road to greatness. Many of the qualities that would help save Britain from the Nazi invasion 40 years later...
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Argumentation That Churchill Was A Failed Politician Prior To 1935

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) mobilised the English language to stiffen the sinews of a nation facing terrible defeat and the prospect of a long war. Churchill is accredited with, and subsequently known for, pulling the United Kingdom through World War Two. Yet, it is this indispensable achievement that obscures so much else about...
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Family Of Winston Churchill

In the history of great men that have lived, Winston Churchill’s name can never be forgotten even in the years to come for his contributions in many areas especially the First World War. He served as the first Sea Lord who added to the Royal Navy, a politician, prime minister, and writer. He was known...
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