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Abortion as a Women’s Right to Choose: Critical Analysis

Abortion is a contentious subject that continues to alter the course of American culture as it did since its conception. Throughout United States history, abortion laws have fluctuated between leftist and rightist views constantly, either legalizing safe abortions or prohibiting them. Regarding more progressive views, the main concern with this political topic is that laws...
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Women In Saudi Arabia: Inequalities And Violations Of Their Fundamental Human Rights

Unfortunately, despite the many remarkable advancements made in the acquisition of women’s rights around the world, millions of women still suffer egregious inequalities and violations of their fundamental human rights. Intersecting forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, education, marital status, health status, and employment are entrenched in domestic laws, customs, regulations, and practices...
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Concept Of New Woman In The Age of Innocence

The “New Woman” as a term was first coined by the writer Sarah Grand in 1894. She drew attention to the double standards found inherently in Victorian marriages which allowed men to have relationships outside of the marriage institution, but excluded women to do so as they were expected to be sexually and morally virtuous....

Analysis of the Issue of Abortion and Factors Influencing Abortion Decision-Making Processes Among Women

Introduction While abortion signifies one of the commonest gynecological processes globally, no movement has stirred such ache and controversy like the right to an abortion. The fundamental social and political paradox raised by abortion is two-fold: the legitimate domain to which decision about abortion is to be made, and the salient determinant factors behind the...

Woman in a Power Suit: Critical Analysis

You and I are just a tiny fraction of people all around the world that consume Hollywood media products, namely films on a daily basis. Such films seeking to persuade us to accept profound roles and help shape our ideas about social and cultural issues. These films are peppered with messages that reach audiences far...
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Concept Of Women In Iron Jawed Angels: Film Analysis

For years, women were looked at as fragile beings, who were only good for maintaining the household and making children. Many centuries ago, women were viewed as property, they were owned by their fathers and once married they belonged to their husbands. They had barely any rights even though they played a huge role in...
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Abortion: Government, Religious and Women’s Perspectives

Introduction Abortion has been an issue in society for decades, dating all the way back to the Bible making indirect references to it. More recently, it has become even more of a debate with people choosing between two sides, Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Both sides have very different opinions on what should happen regarding abortions. Pro-Lifer’s...
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The Trickery Of Woman In Charles Perrault’s “Bluebeard”

As women, we have all been in instances where we have been told we are not able to do something due to the sole fact that we are female. This subjective way of life has been shown for thousands of years, from unequal voting rights to unequal pay. Women go through distressing cruelty and oppression...
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