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OSHA has cited your company, Smith & Baker Construction Co. (SBCC), in the past year for violations. SBCC operates in three Western states: California, Arizona and Nevada. The violations were for the following accidents: Andrew fell into an open excavation in California, and the company failed to identify the hazard. Thomas fell from scaffolding during construction of a three-story office building in Arizona. Lindsay became ill from breathing toxic contamination as she walked the work site in Nevada.

Identify OSHA regulations or standards applicable to each scenario.

Open excavation absences the security for the employees who works in the job site. While working in the open excavations the establishments should make sure that they have taken appropriate measures of safety for their employees. According to OSHA regulations and standards, the organization was abortive of maintaining the safety standards. However, they are liable for their actions. The regulation standard violation is the fall protection and construction

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Dropping from the three storied building during the constructing work can be considered as the workplace safety hazard. When the employees are working at the construction site or doing work that is very dangerous without having the proper training. The organization is responsible for providing sufficient training and also maintaining sufficient safety measures. The violation gathered from obvious evidence is the platform, overall requirements, construction. Do to the organization’s ignorance they are liable for this incident.

Breathing toxic contaminated gas forced by the organization Lindsay became ill. Here the organization flops proper waste management system. It failed to process its toxic momentum which has caused health issues for her. This cause the company not to meet the regulations and standards of the OSHA. The violated standard includes the respiratory protection, general industry.

Describe how the 3 OSHA regulations or standards apply to your company and how they were violated.

Fall protection OSHA standards. Being the construction company, our company is also responsible to maintain the fall protection standards of the OSHA. As per the OSHA standards the safety of the employees are the primary responsibility of the employees. It is mandatory that the organization make all the resources and facilities available to ensure the safety and security of the employees. My organization has violated through taking poor safety measures.

Scaffolding, general industry is another standard which is applicable to my organization being a construction organization. The organization holds the responsibility to provide training and sufficient information to protect the employee who is performing risky job. Some violations are done as per this standard through lack of provision of training etc.

Respiratory issues or hazards, The toxic gas of our organization has injured or made the person ill which is the violation of the OSHA standard. IT is mandatory for the organization to make necessary safety measures so that its toxic emission doesn’t harm any individual or public. Hence this violation is liable

Describe ways to minimize the identified Safety Concerns.

Delivery of enough training involving the workers who will not neglect their duties at the work site. This employee training and awareness will help them to be safe at any work-site . Apart from this, provisioning the workplace with safety measures can decrease the safety hazards.

With educated the employees more intensely should minimize the issues that are related to safety. I would knowledge about the safety issue and good experience.

The waste management system has to be properly enabled in order for the toxins to be eliminated. This will also help to eliminate the toxic gas emission.

Explain one or two Workers’ Compensation issues as identified by the applicable State laws that you will need to address for each of the individuals.

Falling from the building can cause solemn injury or death of the person which the organization considers seriously. While in the process of considering compensation for the individual who fell down depends on his/her injury. If the individual is injured he/she maybe compensated for medical claims, injuries caused by the incident and/or etc. If the known injury causes death the industry can compensate it with providing job to someone else in the immediate family.

Similarly in this scenario also the compensation depends on the depth of the injury. he can be compensated with the hospital expenses and compensation for the periods of illness.

Describe ways to minimize the risk of employee injury in order to avoid future Workers’ Compensation claims.

Being more conscious in the safety measures can be an appropriate way to minimize the compensation claims. The organization can develop a health and safety standard for the organization which is compliable with the OSHA. All workers and employees should be communicated with these standards. This can make them aware about the hazards which they will have to face at work and they will be conscious. The managers and the supervisors can be allocated to monitoring continuously the safety measures at work place. These can reduce the safety issues as well as the compensation claims

Scaffolding of any sort should have siding and railings installed to prevent falling. Scaffolding of a portable type should have casters locked, so as not to allow movement of the scaffold while working on the platform. Training on safe use of scaffolding should educate employees on risks involved with scaffolds. This training should be required by the company to allow only employees with the certification of completion of the safety training to have access to scaffolds.

Required training on chemical exposures related to specific chemicals used on a worksite will educate employees on risks and safety measures involved with exposure. In addition, access to and training on material Safety Data Sheets, such as that provided by (n.d.) will give further access to safety data including the results of different levels of exposure, will give employees preventative awareness of specific hazards and proper handling techniques. Additional requirements for employees to review material safety data sheets on the chemicals they will use on a specific job will keep safety awareness on the forefront of the workers.


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