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The Impact Of Colonization On African Art

Colonization is a process of infiltration and the predominance of large-scale populations over previously occupied lands or cultures. This rogue method of settling, as atrocious as it may be, dates back as many centuries and serves as the foundation of America as we know it today. Moreover, the expansion of western powers and settlements across...
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Forms Of Entertainment In Ancient Rome

Entertainment is important in every society and will at all times play an important role not only to the community but also through the expansion of culture as well as knowledge. In ancient Roman society, however, entertainment played a vigorous role as the Romans lives revolved around the aspect of entertainment alone. Roman entertainment is...
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Main Features Of Roman Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

The Roman Empire displayed a characteristic that distinguished it from any other civilization; a multicultural character. The Roman civilization consisted of numerous people with a variety of different backgrounds. People of different languages, beliefs, and races lived within the borders of the Roman civilization and contributed to the powerful makings of Roman art and architecture....
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The Influence Of Japanese Culture On Western Art

Throughout time, art has inspired and been inspired. This is seen through many movements that have taken influence from cultures and art from other parts of the world. Western art in particular has been greatly influenced by Japanese painting and woodblock prints. The further development of trade between Asia and Europe allowed the convergence of...

Gerard Sekoto And His Influence On African Artistic World

Introduction In an effort to analyze the ways Gerard Sekoto has contributed to the visual art world today, this essay will look into the artist’s background, his works and the art movement he was part of in an effort to sum up and portray his impact. The content of this essay will investigate and outline...
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The Influence Of Greek Civilization On The Culture Of Roman Empire

It is a well-known fact that a formation of the civilizations is a very complex process which takes many years and evidently, within this process, an influence of different civilizations on one another is inevitable. If there is a discussion about the civilizations, it will be unwise not to talk about Greek civilization and its...
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The Influence Of Japanese Art On Western Art

Introduction: My project work has led me to consider how Japanese art has influenced Western art, in particular the influence that it had on the Impressionist movement. Although the focus of my project has been on the feminist message in art, I also enjoyed being able to consider the multi-cultural aspects to this. Looking at...
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Japanese Art: Historical Context And Analysis

Japanese art is one of the most popular and most collected ones all over the world. The paintings, composition of the history, clothing, and colour combinations, all are unique, which is why the country is observed to be quite different from its fashion. There is a discussion about the image named as La Japonaise presented...
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Impressionism And Traditional Japanese Art – Ukiyo-e

“Early modern Art is a magnificent representation of this organic, progressive, self-reflective order that structures early modern disciplines”, stated by Mary Anne Staniszewski, also she believes that “the story of modern art is a gradual development, from realistic, illusionistic representation to more abstract, “ideal” images”. I agree with Staniszewski that modern Art is a way...
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