Essays on World History

Empires In World History

What do historians mean by Romanisation, and to what extent does this theory explain the success of the Roman Empire? At its core Romanisation is an exchange or transfer of Roman culture into local non-Roman societies, these could be areas around where a legions camp had been set. This cultural exchange can be seen to...
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Development Of A World History As A Subject

The subject of world history was first seen in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century and by the 1960’s majority of history curriculum focused primarily of western civilizations. Throughout the twentieth century to present day, the term world history has been in through a process of new historical scholarships to transition the center focus...
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World History: Hammurabi Code

Some defining characteristics of the Hammurabi Code included that it was the first set of laws that laid out to the civilization what was required from them and how the law will be enforced upon them. Another characteristic would be that the Hammurabi Code strictly defines the hierarchical structure of their civilization. The Hammurabi Code...
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